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Westfield State College Quantity XI September 5, 2005 Subject I Orientation leaders welcome the category of 2009 to “Fabulous Westfield State” during summer time orientation Picture by Amanda Saltmarsh Forty scholar Orientation Leaders travelled to Westfield State this summer to take part in the 2005 summer time orientation, themed “Welcome to Fabulous Westfield State.” New access to Westfield State School should help traffic stream By Criag Phelon From the Workplace of Development & School Relations Advantages from the new $286.4 billion national highway bill, authorized by Congress on July 29, car will extend to Westfield within the type of a brand new entry to Westfield State School instantly from Route 30. A $2 million allocation from the fund will assist create the brand new entry on land that the faculty owns close to the location of the formw Sheraton Inn. Westfield Stale. “It is a result of exemplary collaboration among faculty, metropolis, and state leaders. We are deeply appreciative to Senator Kennedy whose help made the funding a actuality." Led by U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, the efforts of the region’s congressional delegation had been very important to together with the Westfield State challenge in the freeway invoice. “ car for life is a vital venture that can assist Westfield State College and the group contiflue to have an effective partnership for years to come, Kennedy said. Westfield Mayor Richard Ok. Sullivan additionally supported the venture ‘ The Continued on Page 2 By Lisandra I. Billings Editor-In-Chief What do you get whenever you mix a fantastic student staff, a new and improved program and about 1134 freshmen? In accordance with Kathi Bradford, a successful New Student Orientation. “I’m very excited about how orientation went this yr." mentioned Bradford, the Affiliate Director ofi Residential Life ai| Westfield State U n I i okay el previous years, the 2005 orientation! ■ rip one day orientation. ‘We determined periods the place the scholar received to choose which activity they went to based mostly on their very own personal choice.” she said. ” A second new program, held in the course of the last June in a single day session, concerned a scavenger hunt of close by Northampton the place 25 freshmen ,were in a position arrive a day early to ivisit the city and gel to know each other a llittle bit more. Northampton Iwas like, a lot of Picture by Emily Beer don't Freshmen gathered within the Ely Foremost Lunse to play Brown Bag realize it’s BINGO during summer orientation. ” Freshmen aren’t the only ones capable of nclnrte a in the future quick session for individuals who orientation. Westfield have been unable to make the primary three,” mentioned Bradford. As well as the standard signing up for class- es, group activities and assembly with the adminis- tration, Bradford says that this years file break- ing number of freshmen attendees had been also launched to some new activities aimed towards catering to their individual wants. “This 12 months we used eight or 9 mini- WSC Republicans represented at Westfield’s “Taste of the World” By Emily Engel Managing Editor The WSC Republican's Club was off to an early begin this yr, by setting up shop in entrance of State Representative Don Humason's headquarter throughout Westfield’s Style of the World. On Saturday, August 27, club president Alex Trzasko and fellow member Melissa Ryan manned the booth with a view to get the word out about the membership, its events and its future plans. “We’re spreading awareness to the Westfield neighborhood that the Republicans membership is at WSC,” said Trzasko.

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